Currently, the drama team is working on a one-act play for the OSSAA Regional One Act Play contest.

The play is called "Oz," by Don Zolidis. Reeling from her sister's death, Beth suddenly finds herself journeying through a world suspiciously resembling the film The Wizard of Oz. But with the yellow brick road sold to foreign investors after a financial meltdown, the Scarecrow reveling in his ignorant bliss, the Cowardly Lion acting like a paranoid sociopath, and the Tin Man embracing his emotional numbness, Beth wonders what role she plays in this classic story gone awry. The play is a hilarious and heart-wrenching exploration of grief and perseverance on the road to acceptance.
We will not know where or when we will perform this show, but it will be judged for our performance at regionals. If we make the top two in our region it will be selected to perform at the state competition.